Spreading knowledge: everything you need to know about mayonnaise production

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Spreading knowledge: everything you need to know about mayonnaise production

From base ingredient in tuna-salad sandwiches in the US, to essential dip for French fries in Belgium, to salad dressing in Russia, mayonnaise is one of the world’s most popular and versatile condiment sauces. And there are as many variations on taste, texture and appearance as there are ways to eat it.

But wherever it is made and consumed, all mayonnaise producers face the same challenge – how to accurately predict and control product quality.

The Tetra Pak white paper available for download at the link below is packed with useful information that gives producers a new approach to optimizing their production costs, scaling up production, and speeding up development time for new mayonnaise products, as well as for other emulsified sauces.

The white paper will be essential reading for food technologists, plant and procurement managers and people working with R&D. It gives insights into how we at Tetra Pak view the mayonnaise production process, how we measure quality, and how you can adapt and optimize your processes using state-of-the-art equipment.

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