Reduce total cost of ownership for recombined milk processing by 30%

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Reduce total cost of ownership for recombined milk processing by 30%

Producing milk from powder – known as recombined milk – has traditionally involved batch processing, with its associated high total cost of ownership and limited flexibility. Now there is a solution that makes the production of milk from powder cheaper and more effective.

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As our film explains, combining a high-shear mixer for batch concentrate mixing with an in-line blending unit, Tetra Pak OneStep technology means you’ll no longer need a pasteurizer or intermediate storage tanks.

Less equipment means less expense and less to clean, and you will see your energy bills fall, your efficiency rise and your maintenance needs drop.

OneStep technology reduces electricity use by 34%, and steam and water consumption by 78% and 40% respectively. It cuts product wastage and narrows your eco-footprint – all while reducing your total cost of ownership by 30% per year.

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Download our white paper, which explains the three production methods for recombining milk and relates them to your processing needs. Gaining a better understanding of your process – and how it could benefit from new technology and knowledge – can transform your total cost of ownership.

Especially for high-volume producers, switching from traditional batch processing to continuous blending can radically reduce energy, cleaning and maintenance costs – and deliver improved product quality. A continuous process also gives greater flexibility for making on-the-fly recipe changes and adding extra ingredients like fresh milk, palm oil, or chocolate. Read the white paper for further details.

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