Homogenization: how to make a smart investment

Dairy Homogenization

Homogenization: how to make a smart investment

When you invest in a homogenizer, you need to look beyond the upfront purchase price and consider costs such as energy use and service charges over the longer term. Watch this video to find out why Tetra Pak Homogenizers give you the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the equipment.

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Thanks to its pioneering design, Tetra Pak Homogenizer gives you low total cost of ownership. The pump block comes with the industry’s longest warranty against cracks.

The turnable disc valves are extremely cost-efficient. When one side is worn out, simply turn them around to double their lifetime. The turnable parts are one reason why the total cost of ownership of Tetra Pak Homogenizers is so low.

Lower pressure, lower energy use

The HD EnergyIQ from Tetra Pak is the most efficient homogenizing device for high capacities. It works like several discs in parallel, so you can lower the pressure, which also lowers electricity consumption, but still achieve the same quality.

We offer guaranteed performance on the size of the fat globules after homogenization. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll help you get there.

Access to components such as the drive unit, hydraulic unit and crankcase is fast and easy – keeping expensive downtime to a minimum. Tetra Pak Homogenizer’s pioneering design sets the industry standard. Energy and water consumption, labour and spare parts costs are all minimized, to give you the lowest possible total cost of ownership.


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