Condition monitoring: everything’s under control

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Condition monitoring: everything’s under control

Condition monitoring is a service that keeps an eye on your separator at all times of the day and night. Discover the benefits of this niche aftersales offering.

Cosmos is a unique online system from Tetra Pak for monitoring and analysing the condition of rotating components in separators.

The system oversees the status and maintenance needs of your separator 24/7, monitoring a range of parameters – including vibrations, bearings and temperatures – to ensure smooth production and maximum uptime.

Cosmos is a bespoke service. The Tetra Pak service organization sits down with the customer to create a service plan tailored to specific needs and aimed at optimizing available production time and minimizing disruption from maintenance.

Cosmos users can be secure in the knowledge that their machines are subject to continuous oversight.

Machine condition decides when service is required – an approach that extends service intervals and reduces maintenance times for major services.

Cosmos carries out constant checks and keeps a rolling status log. A built-in warning system avoids breakdowns.

The system continuously measures, 24 hours a day, vibrations from rotating components in Tetra Pak separators.

“To ensure maximum output from a 24/7 plant, all downtime need to be minimized. This is where Cosmos comes in,” says Peter Wahlgreen, Commercial Director key components.

“The system offers lower maintenance costs and increased production time, and these are the reasons it appeals to customers.”

Tetra Pak certified service engineers install Cosmos and are also on hand round-the-clock to provide necessary service.

More than 90 Cosmos installations have been made worldwide, some of them running for more than 15 years.


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