5 questions that hold the secret to mixing the perfect product

Mixing & blending Prepared food

5 questions that hold the secret to mixing the perfect product

Consumers expect a perfect product every time. Guaranteeing this means food processors need total control of each step in the production process.

These steps include mixing and blending, which typically take place early in the process. These are highly complex operations that require the right mixing solution from the start.

Many factors affect end-product quality, and food processors must stay on top of them at all times. As a producer, you can benefit from asking yourself some key questions.

  1. How do you manage and control risk of oxidation entrapment in your product?
  2. Do you have problems with lump formation during mixing?
  3. What particle size and integrity you expect in your final product?
  4. Are you looking for batch line or continuous line production – or a flexible solution that can manage both?
  5. And do you need a partner for your food product development?

Our brochure, which you can download below, offers suggestions and solutions to the above questions and many more.


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