4 things to look for in a homogenizer

Dairy Homogenization

4 things to look for in a homogenizer

    Choosing the right homogenizer will give your product quality an edge while also simplifying your operations. Here are four reasons to choose a Tetra Pak machine.

  1. Excellent efficiency.

    Compared to conventional homogenizing devices, the HD 100 has a larger diameter and a geometrical design that is optimized for high efficiency. It enables lower pressure and so uses less power, yet it still achieves the same product quality. This reduction in pressure also lowers the total load on the machine and leads to longer service intervals.

  2. Separated wet and drive ends.

    Tetra Pak homogenizers have a wall that separates the wet and drive ends. Tetra Pak pioneered this design to prevent any risk of contamination. Operators can access the food contact parts of the unit from the front, and the non-food parts from the back, so there is no danger of contact with the food product when changing hydraulic oil or slide bearings.

  3. Instant inspectability.

    Our homogenizers have a front hood that is easy to open. This design makes the working parts easy to see and offers instant access for maintenance and service. Similarly, the drive unit is easily accessed by unlocking the side door, while simply lifting the back panels exposes the hydraulic unit and crankcase.

  4. Turnable parts.

    The homogenizing device, valves and seats are designed symmetrically so they can be used twice – once on each side. When one side gets worn down due to product abrasion, the operator simply turns it over and the machine can run again for just as long on the other side. This simple solution doubles the life of the part and halves the cost.


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4 things to look for in a homogenizer